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Common sense tells us that we cannot control the weather, nor control any external forces on the stock market and economy.  Knowing the power that these external forces have, we use tools and procedures to harness and protect us from their somewhat unpredictable movements.  A boat uses sails, a rudder, a compass, and a captain to navigate stormy waters.  In similar ways, investors use forecasts, asset weighting, time horizon, various risk controls, and an investment manager to traverse volatile markets.  While we at Leisure Capital Management cannot control the external volatility of the markets, we can help our clients protect themselves and change our risk controls to harness and take advantage of changes in the capital markets.   

Leisure Capital Management has been listed as one of the top wealth managers in Wealth Manager Magazine's ranking for 5 years in a row. The firm manages investments for individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations using common stocks, mutual funds, and both taxable & tax-free investment grade bonds.
Our combined expertise and experience in investment management and trust company background puts us in a unique position for managing pensions, trusts, and endowments.
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Tel: 714-384-4050
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E-Mail:  info@leisurecapital.com
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